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Come March 2021, all roads will lead to Enugu for the maiden edition of Coal City Film Festival. 

The initiative by Okike Media, which is the first of it's kind in the 'coal city', would create an umbrella for film makers to unite and network, as the festival is already enjoying a wide call of entries from local and international filmmakers.

According to the Uchenna Agbo led team of organisers, "Coal City Film Festival celebrates the originality of African cinematic expressions in the city that arguably gave birth to Nollywood as we know it today. We are dedicated to celebrating African Cinema at the heart of South East Nigeria – Enugu State, whilst giving local and International arts community an opportunity to salvour diverse bubbling film and tourism experiences in Nigeria away from the ever busy city of Lagos to the historical coal city".

Enugu State-Nigeria has played integral role in hosting early filmmakers and provided locations in the beginning days of the largest film industry in Africa and has continued to do so; what other way to pay the state back, than assembling filmmakers from all over the world annually to this tourist city with so much historical and archeological significance, indirectly to Nigeria and Africa as a whole. 

CCFF is proud to announce provision of activities that foster an appreciation of the art of film as well as educate local and regional filmmakers, students of film, the broader arts community, and the general public. It’s an opportunity for independent filmmakers and the art community at large to celebrate the beauty of the art of cinema. There will be master classes for intending and budding actors and directors anchored by veterans, which makes it a must-attend for all stakeholders and practicioners. 

While putting more fun into films, directors can find raw talents, in a bid to champion independent cinema. Opportunities also abound for test screenings to harness marketing opportunities. Above all, the activities and influx of guests to explore the ancient city will bring about a boost to the local economy through tourism.  

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