Monday, 22 June 2020

Myster Brown reveals plans to collaborate with Orla Jaey on a new Single

Entertainment in Ikot Ekpene the Raffia City is yielding positive vibes as entertainers in the area are on top gears for a revolution.

It can be recalled that few weeks ago, Airclipz Studio rolls out an online freestyle contest tagged “10kFreestyleContest” which according to the head man, Wizzy T is designed to test the freestyle ability of music artistes in the area and beyond.

As artiste troops in for the contest, few of them spoke to news men as they reveal their projects for the remaining part of the year and 2021.

One of the music Artiste who is up to something big is Ghana Based Nigerian Artistes Myster Brown who just came in to the country few months ago.

Myster Brown dropped his debut single last year title “Richer” which is still trending on all social media platforms and still gaining massive airplay on radio station worldwide.

Myster Brown who was interview by “Xsquad Magazine Crewafter his freestyle session at the second edition of “10kFreestyleContest” held last week Saturday at Airclipz Studio spoke to news men about his new project.

Myster Brown
On his interview, the Music Star revealed his plans to collaborate with self acclaimed Raffia City Best Rapper Orla Jaey on a new song titled Halle”.

Myster Brown & Orla Jaey
When asked the full meaning ofHalle”, he replied that it means Alleluyah and that the song is his appreciation to God Almighty for the good things he has done.

In his words: “Yes yes yo, they call me Myster Brown. I and Orla Jaey are working on a song title "Halle, you need to listen to the songs it talks about what the lord has done and what he will do in the nearest future”.

According to Myster Brown, the song is produced by Orla Jaey.

The song is set to be ready for official premiere in the next two week (14 Days)” He added.

Stream and Download Audio interview below while anticipating the hit single!


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