Monday, 11 September 2017


DISE is a Pictorial/Photography Exhibition and the 2nd event in the Orange September celebration. DISE will take place on Monday, 18th September, 2017 at Ibibio Union Museum, Unity Park, Uyo. The event hopes to showcase the historical evolution of Akwa Ibom State in pictures, from the early days of creation till date.

Orange September is a series of events planned to celebrate Akwa Ibom at 30 with a mandate to position the state by showcasing the diverse and enigmatic colours of our collective history, unity in diversity, depth and range of our indigenous entrepreneurship.

Orange - the colour of our state reflects our lifestyle as a people; optimistic, sociable, hospitable, adventurous and industrious.

Rare photographic works by indigenous photographers and those from renowned masters in the art of photography will be also be showcased at the event. 

DISE is organized to serve as a platform for budding Akwa Ibom photographers.

These Photographers will imbibe technical competence, abilities and mentoring through their interaction with world class professionals in the field.

DISE will maximize potentials, build capacity and create wealth for our young photographers in line with the vision of the Akwa Ibom State Government.

Orange September is powered by the Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Akwa Ibom State.

Official Hashtag: #Dise #OrangeSeptember


#OrangeSeptember...celebrating who we are! 16th - 22nd September 2017.

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