Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Akwa Ibom Bloggers Are More Politically Influenced - Xbeef

Mfonobong Robson popularly known as Xbeef, the lead publisher of during a feature on Rockland House Tv interview program "Artist On Spot" independence edition, decried that majority of bloggers in Akwa Ibom are mainly influenced by politics.

Xbeef who happens to be the first blogger from Akwa Ibom to appear on the Interview program, applauded Nigeria for attaining an independence age of 60 and for the strides as a nation but sited under development as a major challenge of the country as he called on all Nigerians to work for the betterment of the country.

On blogging and development in Akwa Ibom and Nigeria at large, he commended the strides of bloggers across the country for contributing to the development of the country through proper information circulation and qualitative content generation.

Xbeef opined that blogging as a craft has improved in the state from what it was about 2 years ago but sited  that majority of bloggers in Akwa Ibom are more politically influenced simply because the private sectors in the state don't really patronize bloggers or does not really see the need to engage bloggers as it is only the politicians in the state that mostly contracts bloggers but noted that the problem with the politicians is under payment.

He noted that the challenges of bloggers in the  state ranges from funding to proper patronage but encouraged every blogger to be passion driven as there are a lot to harness from the craft.

He advised young folks who are interested in the craft to first develop the passion and should not be focused on making money initially but should be more interested in adding value through their craft.

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