Saturday, 15 August 2020

The Entertainment Industry needs Funding, Government Should Give Us The Free Interest Loan - Djsanto Johnson

... Kelly Eton Phasey 

Hip pop general of Akwa Ibom and the Na Dem crooner Dj Santo while on an interview program on Rockland House Tv sited lack of funding as a major problem of the Akwa Ibom entertainment Industry.

Dj santo lauded the strides made by individual creatives and key stakeholders for driving the industry thus far.

Santo who is the secretary of Akwa Ibom Recording Artist Association (AIRAA) attributed his success in the industry to his self believe and hard work not neglecting the support from everyone who has been a part of his career.

on the issue with the low pace of growth of the industry, he sited the lack of enough funding as a major problem and seized the opportunity to call on the government to endeavor to actualize the proposed interest free loan for entertainers as it is much needed at this point with no thanks to COVID19 which  has disrupted Economic activities of the industry.

Djsanto Johnson also called on private investors, politicians and individual who are well to do to invest on creative persons and the industry at large as there are a lot profit to harness from the industry.

He seized the moment to advice artistes to maintain reputable characters as bad characters and habits mares the progress of any person who indulge in such.

He sent a shout to the AIRAA president and all its members and also applauded the SA to governor on entertainment Mr Utang Akwa Ibom  for his tireless efforts towards improving the entertainment Industry.

The Hip pop maestro applauded Rockland House Tv for the exposure it is offering to entertainers in the state and wished the company greater heights.


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