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Vector Shows off MI Abaga chats on his DM After "JudasTheRat"

Vector Tha Viper is definitely not smiling as he has come out to show receipts of MI Abaga in his DM just hours after he released his response to MI’s The Viper.

With the heat of his new track which has been occupying the timeline all through the day, MI seems to have moved to Vector’s DM to try to resolve this amicably… abi this is another “father and son” approach?
Anyway, Vector is not ready to have a private conversation and prefers to fight the battle hard and square in public in the face of fans on Twitter hence the release of the content of his DM where MI Abaga was trying to talk nice and act like he’s Vector’s music instructor. Releasing these screenshots, Vector revealed that MI’s manager had approached to try and resolve, an action which contradicts Mi’s act.
He said;
You for no do am like this … Lol.. you making this too easy.. walking into set traps bro
Track was a little better
I go de help you mix in the future
Good effort.

This message was sent on the 11th of October by 7:01 PM. Vector also released the content of their chat in 2015 where he asked MI to come on board for King Kong which MI agreed to in the message released but for reasons that were not made public, we never saw MI on the KingKong record.

Posting the content of the DM, Vector said;

@MI_Abaga you have more answers on here since you have hidden time to be in the DM. To think your manager reached out to settle. Why are you playing yourself?
Him then. Him now.

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