Tuesday, 30 April 2019

SA to the Governor on Entertainment, Utang Akwa Ibom endorse 2 Kings 1 Kingdom Concert - Tour!

High life maestro and comedy icon, Sir Wilker & Sir James have received the blessings of the Special Assistant to Governor on Entertainment Industry, Mr David Sergeant (Utang Akwa Ibom) for their forthcoming Concert- Tour of Nigeria and other countries.

The event '2 Kings 1 Kingdom' will have on stage Sir Wilker and Sir James for the first time ever in an exclusive concert - tour alongside top Akwa Ibom - Nigerian music and comedy stars.

The concept is born out of the need to promote their creative ingenuity as worthy Akwa Ibom Ambassadors and to cater to the entertainment desires of Akwa Ibom people in diaspora, who over the years have yearned to watch them perform.

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