Tuesday, 6 November 2018

104 Free Surgeries Recorded As NMA AKS Marks Physicians Week.

The Nigerian Medical Association, (NMA) AKS branch has marked it's 2018 physicians' week with grandeur and laudable impact. 

With this year's theme being "Leaving No One Behind", doctors in Akwa Ibom State made sure service to humanity was top priority throughout the week. 

In a message of Felicitation to all doctors in Akwa Ibom State, the NMA Chairman, AKS Branch, Dr Nsikak Nyoyoko noted that the Physicians' week was a week dedicated to all Doctors in Nigeria for personal reflection on the trials and achievements of the previous 12 months. Dr Nyoyoko said it also offered an opportunity for prognostication and planning of the next 12months. He congratulated every Nigerian Doctor especially those in Akwa Ibom State, for the zeal,perseverance and dedication to duty in the face of difficult working conditions. He revealed that in a country with such low GDP and income less than 1 dollar earned by a majority of its citizens, the need for Universal Health Coverage became a must for a sensitive government  The NMA chairman opined that Primary Health Care and Health insurance were basic components of Universal Health Coverage that needed to be implemented by the government as there were both tools for the eradication of quackery in our society. 
He also further stressed that an anti-quackery bill would be needed in the state and nation to provide the constitutional and legal backing for the fight against quackery.

The highpoint of the Physicians' week was a 5 day free medical outreach at General Hospital Ikot Abasi sponsored by HENSEK intergrated services. 

A detailed breakdown of impact as released by the NMA Secretariat shows that number of patients seen during the 5 day outreach were 3000.

Dental consultations.       - 54

Tooth extractions              -  17.

Scaling and polishing.     -  29

Eye consultations              - 289.

Eyeglasses distributed      - 233.

Surgeries                            - 103.

Ultrasound scans done    -  65 

The week ended with a grand finale where doctors in Akwa Ibom State brainstormed on polio eradication and extermination of medical quackery; Magazine presentation, award of prizes to debate winners and a Thanksgiving Service.

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