Friday, 17 March 2017

SA to the Governor on Projects Supervision embarks on Youth Development & Empowerment Programme

Spurred by the successes and the developmental drive of his Excellency the executive Governor of Akwa Ibom State and in consonance with the entrepreneurial drive of the governor, the SA to the governor on projects supervision PST. (Hon) Mike Akpan embarks on youth development and empowerment.

This is against the backdrop of harsh economic realities confronting the youths of Akwa Ibom which has been the bane of development and progress which culminated to low livelihood and poor standard of living.
It is on this premise that he Honourable SA to the governor on projects supervision takes it upon himself to train and empower some Akwa Ibom youths on skills and career building capacities to provide the Akwa Ibom youths with some honest means of livelihood.
According to Pastor Michael Udo Akpan, he reaffirmed his earlier avowed commitment to the service of humanity. It could be recalled that, the SA on project supervision had before now adopted an orphan who is under his good tutelage and guardian both domestically and educationally up to university level. Pst Mike Akpan justifies the latest development best on the exploits the adopted child who has been doing tremendously well in all ramifications which includes academic responsibilities, social responsibilities and in sports.
It may interest you to know that the child I adopted is the fastest runner in her school and just recently won a 100m race for his house in the just concluded inter house sports among other events which includes:
*** 2nd place in 400m
*** 3 place in 800m
*** 1st place in high jump
*** 1st place in long jump
*** 1st place in 100 m.
You see, what the society needs is love and care, we that have the opportunities have to care for those who doesn't have because there are untapped potentials in most of the people you see in the street, there are a lot of God given talents embedded in the less privileges and ignoring them is to the detriment of humanity and the society. I am doing this amidst of the economic hardship because of my love for humanity and our society. Pst (Hon) Michael Udo Akpan.

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