Saturday, 4 February 2017

[XM GOSPEL MUSIC]: Son of Man - My Heart (Prod. By @Benyjo) | @johnokoye234

John Okoye (Son of Man) is passionate about helping people live their dreams and fulfill purpose. A God lover with a heart for God's kingdom and His people. 

This song writer and soulful worshiper worships with the Owerri Church of FirstLove Assembly where he serves as Choir Leader of The Best Church Choir in South-East Nigeria; King's Delight Choir, submitting to Pastor Itua Emmanuel, his Resident Pastor and Rev. Simeon Afolabi the Serving overseer of First Love Assembly with a  clear message on Revival and Restoration. 

John Okoye is the First General Secretary of Fellowship of Gospel Music Ministers of Nigeria (FOGMMON) Imo State Chapter. 

My Heart is his first official single, written several years ago during a deep thought. Preparing for a cousins traditional Marriage and I was suddenly caught in the distressing thought of 'when will it be that people get set and come for mine too, when will the lines fall for me in pleasant places' all that ran through my mind and when I could not find any answer, the only thing that came through was this song... Lord You knows my heart is for You, I live for You alone. 

Married to First Lady Patricia and blessed with a lookalike daughter Zara and he makes his home in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. 

As you listen to this song, I pray you find that place where you totally turn yourself over to Him and Him alone. 


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